Info in English

The organic fruit farm Les Vergers de Boussagues is in the foothills of the Cévennes, an hour inland from Montpellier, 45 minutes from Béziers and 30 minutes from the spa at Avène.

We are only too happy to provide information in English about the organic fruit we produce and our range of farmhouse products.

The season begins mid-May with cherries, followed by strawberries and raspberries and redcurrants. In the summer we have apricots and greengages, peaches, different varieties of plum and our earliest apple, Worcester Pearmain.

In the autumn come traditional varieties of eating apples and Bramley's Seedling aswell as walnuts, quinces and sweet chestnuts.

We grow specific varieties for making our preserves, 'pâtes de fruits', slightly sweetened fruit purées and biscuits.

If you would like any details about our products, a price list or how to find us, please contact us.